BEER 33cl

The Thirsty Blonde

CHF 3.00

To celebrate the praise of simplicity, we offer you a thirst-quenching blonde. Our Cascade/Mandarina 'LA PRESSION', until now available only in cask, is being
Now available in 33cl bottles.

A dry and crisp blonde with hoppy accents that will find a place in every fridge. Dare to keep it simple! What a pleasure to crack open a few with friends.

Before the gun goes off, I like to have a BEER!
Lee-Harvey O., Dallas
I told you to take a "BEER"!
Eve to Adam, Garden of Eden.
It's hot down here, I'm going for a BEER!
Satan, The Underworld

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Blonde de Soif


3.9% Vol.


2 / 10



Notes to tasting

Lemon, Fleural

Goes well with

Hot dog, Hamburger