UTO-PIG 33cl

The White

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So many 'white' beers and so many tastes! An opaque, golden-yellow colour, this beer will delight those who like to drink more than a classic beer. The ideal carbonation compared with some beers means you can drink several without your stomach feeling attacked... Very fruity, with pleasant citrus notes, without too much spiciness (just right). The yeast does its job well, you can feel it on the finish and it leaves a pleasant sensation. Refreshing and fruity, it smells of sunshine and does you good... It makes you want to go back and stay! Moderation? I don't know...

Description by Alain Kaehr, beer sommelier ❤

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4.7% Vol.


2 / 10


That Pouik..!

Notes to tasting

Spices, Lime, Papaya

Goes well with

An aperitif platter with old vacherin, Tête-de-Moine and Ajoie sausage